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Research Collaboration

Do your research interests align with mine? If so, let’s chat! My research interests include occupational therapy & occupational science, neonatal/paediatric healthcare, families and public health.

Healthcare Knowledge & Academic Research Dissemination

 Healthcare knowledge and research should be accessible to all and importantly fun! How many ‘reads’ does a journal article get compared to views of a short film or animation shared on social media? Could your work be exhibited as a photography display or a beautifully illustrated poem or children’s book. I can help you share your knowledge in a way that reaches those individuals that need to hear it most.

Develop Your Academic Brand

Do you realise there is more to research than the number of publications and citations you have? Do you want to develop your brand as an academic researcher or health professional? I can offer creation of a logo, website, short promotional video and professional photography to ensure your academic voice stands out in the crowd. 

“There is an art to science, and science in art; the two are not enemies, but different aspects of the whole.”

Isaac Asimov

“I've never believed that they're separate. Leonardo da Vinci was a great artist and a great scientist.”

Steve Jobs

“Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul."

Maxim Gorky

Ready to take your research to the next level with creative dissemination?



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